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10 best places to find startup jobs




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If you haven’t noticed by now, we’re pretty passionate about helping impactful startups grow. We know more and more people want to work in startups, but it can be hard to find the right one for you.  

Want to work for a revolutionary startup but don’t know where to start? 

Here are 10 of the best places to find startup jobs... 


What makes them special: Flexa’s mission is simple: bring flexible working to everyone. 

It isn't as simple as asking every company to tick a box; they understand that flexibility means something different to everyone. Flexa are here to provide some clarity to help everyone find work that works for them. 

Companies they hire for: 

  • Unmind (mental health platform)  

  • Elvie (femtech) 

  • Beam (supporting homeless people back into work)  


What makes them special: Otta only share post jobs from the most exciting, innovative and fast-moving companies. 

The Otta team are just as picky as you are. Cutting out the noise that normally comes with the job search, Otta helps you invest your energy in worthwhile opportunities. This includes sharing unbiased reviews, useful nuggets like gender diversity, and their honest opinion on every company.  

They also pledge to support those who aren't granted the same educational opportunities and life chances. Accept a new job, and they’ll donate to a social mobility cause of your choice 

Companies they hire for: 

  • Spill (mental health support) 

  • Flo (ovulation calendar, period tracker and pregnancy app) 

  • Bulb (green energy provider)  



What makes them specialKandidate can connect you with tech companies that are backed by leading VCs. 

 Through Kandidate’s personalised platform, you get all the details you need right from the start and spend your time only on roles that you care about. 

To get on the fast-track, you simply create a confidential profile in 5-minutes for their Talent Partners to review. They learn your preferences and career ambitions, with a little help from their advanced platform. You’ll receive carefully chosen job matches, curated by their Talent Partners. Less is more, and you’ll never get spammy job alerts. If you’re interested in a role, a 15-minute call with your Kandidate Talent Partner will get you prepped for interview. 

Companies they hire for: 

  • Perkbox (workplace benefits and wellbeing platform)  

  • Oddbox (rescuing food waste) 

  • BibliU (digital learning platform) 


UK Startup Jobs  

What makes them special: Their community helps hundreds of companies hire talented people every month.  

They believe in startups as positive forces of change in the world and as great places to work. By connecting startups and brilliant people who want something special from their careers, they help both realise their full potential. 

Companies they hire for: 


What makes them specialCreate a free profile and let companies apply to interview you (with salary details upfront). 

Find your dream job, wherever you may be. Hired supports 50+ roles in 17 cities worldwide. They also believe in access to opportunity, with plenty of remote roles across the globe. They specialise in a number of roles, including tech, product and sales.  

Companies they hire for: 


Product Hunt  

What makes them specialProduct Hunt is a curation of the best new products, every day. Discover the latest mobile apps, websites, and technology products that everyone's talking about.  

Product Hunt is a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations. They share vacancies for a variety of roles, including Engineering, Marketing, Design, Sales and more.  

Companies they hire for: 


The Dots  

What makes them specialThe Dots is the professional network for people who don’t wear suits to work.  

Connect with over half a million peers, clients and mentors. Get insights, feedback and advice, as well as upskill at online workshops and meetups. They cover a range of roles, including remote, freelance or fulltime positions.  

Companies they hire for: 


Escape the City  

What makes them special: Escape the City helps you find work that matters to you and the world.  

Their team believe that life’s too short to do work that doesn’t matter to you. And that doing something different is possible. Join Escape the City’s community of 500k+ ambitious professionals and get access to the best curated opportunities, events and resources. 

Escape the City also have a wealth of resources in their transition toolkit, like ‘how to become a freelancer’ and ‘how to identify good opportunities for yourself’.  

Companies they hire for: 

  • Kind Bag (recycled accessories) 

  • 4ocean (tackling plastic pollution) 

  • Pip & Nut (planet-friendly peanut butter) 



What makes them specialcord is the invite-only messaging tool that gives you direct access to hiring teams inside technology companies in London and remote across Europe. 

Message people hiring your skillset. Drop them a message in two clicks. 39.86% of messages sent result in an interview. People hiring will message you too; you could receive messages in under 18 seconds of signing up. 

Companies they hire for: 



What makes them special: hackajob is a private tech job marketplace. They help tech talent find developer jobs and assist companies to hire quality developers fast! 

With hackajob, companies apply directly to you - no middleman required. Each interview request comes with a clear job description and unique employer insights, including tech stack, salary and location. 

Companies they hire for: 

Know of any platforms we’ve missed? Let us know on TwitterLinkedIn, or at contact@confidotalent.com 

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