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10 podcasts that shaped my 2020



Jessie Panesar

5 minutes

Hey guys! I’m Jessie, and as part of the Search team at Confido, I support the tech for good startups in making critical product and engineering hires.

The last year has seen me getting into more self-learning through multiple forms of media, one being podcasts. Here’s a list of 10 that I followed throughout 2020, with a few of episodes from each!

The Psychology Podcast with Scott Barry Kauffman

Why I love it:

The discussion of concepts related to mind, brain and behaviour were insightful and as a Psychology graduate, further stimulated my interests in humans and the world we live in!

Episodes to check out:

  • Robert Sutton: Good Leaders vs Bad Leaders
  • Coleman Hughes: The Humanity of Race
  • Michele Gelfand: How Tight and Loose Cultures Wire our World

The Psychology Podcast with Scott Barry Kaufman | Podcast on Spotify

Secret Leaders

Why I love it:

Speaking to some really inspiring business people, from founders to investors, I love the casual and relaxed nature of the podcast, discussing each guest’s journey, turning points, challenges or learnings.

Episodes to check out:

  • Basecamp: The One Stop Shop for Remote Working
  • Arlan Hamilton – from homeless to VC founder in years
  • Tabitha Goldstaub – AI, pivots and losing your identity

Secret Leaders | Podcast on Spotify

Today, Explained

Why I love it:

Quick and easily digestible content to end every working day! It was great to see their episode on the farmer strike’s in India, something few news outlets have covered.

Episode to check out:

  • India’s Farmer Strike

Today, Explained | Podcast on Spotify

Sean Carroll’s Mindscape

Why I love it:

One of my favourites, an in-depth look into an array of science, societal, philosophical, and cultural concepts – way too many great episodes to list!

Episode to check out:

  • How Time Travel Could and Should Work

Sean Carroll's Mindscape: Science, Society, Philosophy, Culture, Arts, and Ideas | Podcast on Spotify

In Machines We Trust

Why I love it:

From the team at MIT Technology Review, learn more about artificial intelligence as it rapidly changes our world and how we live.

Episodes to check out:

  • Timnet Gebru Tells Her Story
  • Down and Dirty with Covid Genes

In Machines We Trust | Podcast on Spotify

The Knowledge Project

Why I love it:

Their synopsis puts it best, “master the best of what other people have already figured out.”

Episodes to check out:

  • Russ Hudson: The Pursuit of Presence
  • Maria Konnikova: Less Certainty, More Inquiry

The Knowledge Project | Podcast on Spotify

The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast

Why I love it:

As someone who had just started a role in tech recruitment, this has been helpful in gaining a better understanding into what other professionals are doing/thinking in this field.

Episode(s) to check out:

  • From the Developers POV
  • What Tech Recruiting will look like post-Covid-19
  • Practical Tips to Diversify your Talent Pool

The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast | Podcast on Spotify

Who cares? What’s the Point? Dr. Sahb Johal

Why I love it:

Although it’s been more than 2 years since an episode has been posted, the concept of making information from psychology researchers – that is otherwise locked up in “pay-for-reading journals” – accessible was amazing!

Episodes to check out:

  • What’s behind the rising tide of anger on the internet?
  • 4 out of 5 people have experienced a mental health disorder by midlife. What do we know about those who don’t?

Who cares? What's the Point? | Podcast on Spotify

WSJ Tech News Briefing

Why I love it:

Another short and easily consumed daily podcast, but all about the latest tech news!

Episodes to check out:

  • Facebook Hit With Antitrust Suits by FTC
  • Why Tesla Joining the S&P is Significant
  • How a Year of Antitrust Action Against Big Tech Could Carry into 2021
  • The Tech Behind the Leading Covid-19 Vaccine Candidates

WSJ Tech News Briefing | Podcast on Spotify

You’re Wrong About

Why I love it:

Here, two journalist’s revisit cases, concepts, conspiracies and people that have been misrepresented in the public imagination!

Episode(s) to check out:

  • Wayfair and Human Trafficking Statistics
  • Multiple Personality Disorder

You're Wrong About | Podcast on Spotify

So that was my list for 2020, but we’re always excited to carry on discovering new ones so let us know your favourite podcasts that shaped your year!

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