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Good vs bad recruiters | Ep. 4




3 minutes

In the final episode of our series on candidate experiences with recruiters we chat with James Fairhead, VP of Product Engineering at Benefex. 

Watch the video below to discover James’ top tips for Product Engineers looking for their next role, plus his best (and worst) experiences with recruiters. 

If you’re more of a reader, scroll down and read the interview below. 

Q: What's your favourite thing about your role? 

James: So, since joining we've over doubled our size in the UK of our Engineering team and we're looking to double that again into 2023. So we've got really big ambitions and I guess the exciting part of that is to see that growth happen and be a part of that. 


Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to secure a new role? 

James: Do the research as much as possible on that new role, whether that's by advice from the recruiter, or if it's looking into the company. 

Never be afraid of asking questions in the interview process; I always love making sure they have an opportunity in our interview processes to feel comfortable in asking the questions. 


Q: Tell us about your worst experience with a recruiter 

James: The worst experiences that I've had have been around just getting an influx of CVs sent across with various amounts of experience on those CVs, relevant or not relevant.  

And having to then sift through those and kind of work out that some of them aren't right for the role or don't have the right level of experience that you're looking for. 

The main issue is not having that kind of upfront discussion with the recruitment company initially to find out about the role more in-depth, about the culture of the team and things like that. 


Q: What makes a good recruiter?  

James: So, if I was a candidate, I think passion about the role. I think it's very important to be able to really explain that role. 

They should be interested in that person's career and development. Again, it's not just I've got this vacancy - I need to kind of fill this position and move on to the next one. It's both sides finding the right person that fits in, but equally going, look, this is a good next career step. 


Q: Tell us about your best experience with a recruiter  

James: I've worked with a few recruitment companies, including Confido. To me - and this isn't because I'm talking to you guys - but I felt Confido really understood the roles. 

And wider, the company. The culture, the ambition for where we're going on our vision, at Benefex specifically. 


Q: Would you recommend the Confido team?  

James: 100%, I would recommend Confido to either side. 

Whether the business is looking or individuals; if my friends are looking - for sure. 

Thanks, James! Get in touch with your thoughts or questions at contact@confidotalent.com, on Twitter or LinkedIn. 

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