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Meet the team: Emily Barnes




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It’s that time again... 

Last month we shone the spotlight on our Content and Marketing Manager, Rachel. Missed that one? Check it out here 

This month we’re catching up with Researcher Emily Barnes! 

Check out our video to learn more about how she got into recruitment, as well as her podcast recommendations, favourite impact startups and more. 

Or, if you’re more of a reader, check out the blog post below. 


How did you first get into recruitment?  

So I have a degree in History and Politics, and then I've just been working in retail. And then I saw the advert on LinkedIn and thought it would be a really good chance to learn something new and further my skills and development. 


What’s one piece of career advice you’d give someone? 

My career advice would be - if you don't like something that you're doing, there's no shame in starting again. 


What did you want to be growing up? 

Growing up I don't think there was something specific that I wanted to be, but I have always wanted to help people. So that's probably my overarching life goal. 


Which one impact startup would you recommend people check out? 

My favourite impact startup would be Beam. We donate to them as a business, but then I donate personally. I really like that you get an email describing the person that you might be helping and a little bit of an update on the situation - I think that's really lovely. 


Which volunteering day have you enjoyed the most and why?  

My favourite volunteering day would be the one we did at Refettorio Felix in the kitchen. It was really nice to see how grateful people were that you were helping them, and to kinda see the immediate impact that you had on their day. 


What’s the best thing you’ve listened to recently? 

The best thing I've listened to recently is The Diary of a CEO podcast because I really like all the guests he has on - it's like you know who they are and it's really nice to see a different side of them than you normally see. So I'd recommend listening to that. 


What’s your biggest fear? 

My biggest fear would probably be waking up in a few years and not have living life the way that I wanted to. And not having all the experiences that I think I should have done. 


When are you at your happiest? 

I'd say I'm at my happiest when me and my brothers go and visit my parents who live in France. And every evening we take turns to pick a board game and it's just really wholesome. 


What does success look like to you? 

Success to me is probably freedom in terms of financial freedom, freedom to do what I want with my day, freedom to do anything and spend time with anyone. 


When you are having a down day how do you make yourself feel better? 

If I have a bit of a down day I'll normally journal - so I'll write about it. Try and figure out what I'm really feeling. And then I'll also, I dunno, buy food that I really want or do activities that I really want to do without feeling guilty about them. 


Tell us something we don’t know about you 

Something that you might not know about me is that I have been learning Sign Language for the past 20 weeks. Whiz to the end of the video to take a look at Emily signing! 


And now for a quick round of ‘this or that’! 

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