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Our 2021 Impact Report




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It’s time for our very first Impact Report!  

Last year we announced our commitment to balancing planet with profit and outlined how we’d go about achieving this on our impact page 

As our Founder and CEO, Craig Turner put it:  

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what we achieved in 2021... 

Firstly, we chose four of the UN's SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals) to support: No Poverty, Clean Water, Climate Action, and Life Below Water.  

We then set goals to help make a positive impact in these areas, like: 

Our impact in numbers  

We're so proud to say that in 2021 we were able to... 

Our impact partners  

But who did those donations go to? Say hello to our amazing 2021 impact partners: 


  • Total donated: £2,400 

  • Beam is the world’s first platform that crowdfunds training for homeless people and supports them into stable work. Our monthly donations help Beam's community hit their funding goals for a brighter future. 

  • Impact: Our donations have helped support 16 people experiencing homelessness. 


charity: water 

  • Total donated: £,1500 

  • charity: water brings clean and safe water to families around the world every single month. Their Spring community members bring clean water to 45,941 people every single month. 

  • Impact: Our donations have helped serve 50 people with clean water for the next 10 years. 



  • Total donated: £312 

  • Ecologi calculates our team's collective carbon footprint and enables us to offset it through planting trees. That funding directly impacts atmospheric CO2 levels. 

  • Impact: Our donations have planted 731 trees, offsetting 50 tonnes of C02. 


  • Total donated: £3,000 

  • CleanHub enables the safe collection and recovery of ocean-bound plastic waste. Our contribution supports clean environments and creates sustainable jobs in the global south. 

  • Impact: 3,000 kg of ocean-bound plastic has been recovered thanks to our donations. 



  • Total donated: £1,080 

  • onHand (otherwise known as ‘the Uber for volunteering’) is the volunteering and climate impact platform for businesses and individuals. Through the onHand app, our team are able to volunteer remotely or in their local communities. 

  • Impact: 1-hour per week spent volunteering individually in our local communities. 


British Red Cross 

  • Total donated: £1,000 (one-off donation) 

  • Red Cross teams have been working around the clock to get critical care to those who need it most, both in Ukraine and its bordering countries. 

  • Impact: Donations are used for vital supplies, E.G food, water, medicine etc. 

Volunteering days  

Brighton beach clean-up 

Our team took to Brighton for a (rather damp) beach clean-up. We collected a variety of plastic and waste for recycling. 


Royal Parks conservation project 

We helped build and maintain the Royal Parks' dead hedges, which provide shelter for small mammals and birds. 

The Felix Project 

With the Felix Project team, we unloaded surplus food donations and helped organise them for redistribution to charities across London. 


Refettorio Felix 

We helped serve a delicious lunch to vulnerable members of the community. The Refettorio Felix team’s chefs created the three-course meals with 100% surplus goods. 

We'll be announcing our 2022 impact commitments soon! If you have any questions or would just like to know more, please get in touch at contact@confidotalent.com or on Twitter or LinkedIn 

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