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Top 10 climate change startups in Berlin




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Berlin is home to a range of amazing businesses on a mission to tackle the climate crisis. 

Whether that’s through championing sustainability or offsetting emissions and funding climate projects, these startups are tackling environmental issues head-on.  

Here’s our top 10 Berlin-based startups tackling climate change 


What if you could take climate action every single day - and it was as simple as the tap of a button? 

With Klima, you can. Live carbon neutral in four simple steps: calculating your carbon footprint, ofsetting it by funding climate projects, seeing your climate impact grow and shrinking your footprint further through their app.    

Founded by: Markus Gilles 


Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees. 

Your searches plant trees in some of the harshest places on Earth. For example, in Burkina Faso they make the desert fertile again. Their trees benefit people, the environment and local economies. 

Founded by: Christian Kroll 


Generate cheap, green electricity with a solar system at home. 

With your own solar system, you can generate inexpensive and environmentally friendly solar power. This will make you more independent of your electricity provider and future rising electricity prices!  

Founded by: Alex Melzer 


CleanHub is protecting our oceans by empowering brands to take immediate responsibility for their plastic footprints.  

The team are building a global platform for waste collection to help rescue plastic before it reaches the ocean. In a simple 1+1 principle, companies can finance the collection of low-value plastic with every product they sell.  

All of CleanHub’s collection partners use their app to deliver full transparency of recovered volumes.  

Founded by: Joel Tasche  

Tier Mobility 

TIER are the first micro-mobility company to be fully climate neutral. 

They go beyond reducing emissions linked to charging and include production, operational and transportation emissions. Their commitment to being climate-neutral will not only benefit the environment but also ensure a liveable and sustainable future. 

Founded by: Lawrence Leuschner & Julian Blessin 


Wundertree want to create a new Christmas tradition where instead of cutting down trees each Christmas, we plant them. 

WunderTrees produce 100% less CO2 emissions than regular Christmas trees that are burned. So far, each tree has stored around 15 kg of CO21 

Founded by: Andrew Green & Milan Hänsel 

Plan A 

Plan A exists to help companies build a decarbonised and sustainable economy, using data and science to accelerate corporate transformation and ESG reporting. 

Their software empowers businesses to manage their carbon accounting, while mitigating their negative impact on the planet, making them the leaders of decarbonisation and the sustainable transition. 

Founded by: Lubomila Jordanova & Nathan Bonnisseau 


We provide banks and financial institutions with the digital infrastructure for green finance. 

Their Sustainability-as-a-Service¬ģ solution enables financial institutions to offer their customers environmental¬†footprinting¬†as well as personalized impact offsetting and ESG investments.¬†

Founded by: David Lais,  Friedrich H, Richard Malley & Ulrich Pietsch 


alpakas believe in a fundamentally more sustainable grocery experience: no more single use plastic, sustainable sourcing, fresh and local ingredients, transparency about your impact. 

They deliver high-quality organic foods, household goods and cosmetics ‚Äď all without single-use plastics. Their e-cargo bikes make their deliveries environmentally friendly, too!¬†¬†

Founded by: Simon Chorzelski & Tomy Eitner 


Vaayu is the world’s first automated carbon software for retailers to measure, monitor and reduce their carbon footprint in real-time. 

Vaayu's carbon modeling engine uses machine learning to simplify and automate carbon calculations for businesses. By applying the best conversion factors we provide you with the most accurate calculation possible. 

Founded by: Luca Nils Schmid & Namrata Sandhu 

We want to do everything we can to help support these fantastic businesses and the work they’re doing.      

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