We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand new website,

Now, if you’ve heard of Confido before, you may see that we’ve made quite a transition. As with any startup, we’re constantly iterating and evolving our offerings. We’ve re-launched our message, website and a brand new blog to reflect our evolution.

Working specifically in the Startup and Scaleup space, we know that pace, agility and speed are the key drivers, of any company looking to scale quickly. We believe that sometimes, the best ideas are the simplest and applying a common sense (but skilled) approach to a common problem is often the best way to solve it. That’s exactly the Confido approach we’re taking with our clients hiring & scaling challenges and why we’ve chosen our tagline which you’ll see heading up our new site – Scaling. Simplified.

Our Evolution

Since starting the business, just over a year ago in the Summer of 2018, our proposition and the service we deliver, to both talent and clients, has grown with our learnings. Not only, has our team grown physically, but we’re at a point where we’re truly confident we’re adding real value to the companies we work with and the talent we’re supporting.

Our ultimate vision is to become the go-to talent advisor for startups and scaleups looking to fulfil ambitious growth plans, as well as Tech and Design professionals looking to accelerate their careers.

Founder and CEO, Craig Turner said:

“Like all startups the business continues to evolve and mature. The new website truly reflects our brand and what we stand for; simplifying how startups scale. Confido has come a long way in just over a year, I think the website reflects that growth. I’m proud of where we are today and excited to be launching the new site today!"

To echo our tagline and ethos, simplicity is a core feature of our new website. We could have created pages of content explaining our unique methodology and approach. But, we know that the most value comes from having conversations. So, we’ve distilled our proposition down to its bare bones, creating a simple site that’s easy to navigate and highlights our core differentiators, while inviting conversation and connection.

Over this past year, we’ve had the pleasure of scaling teams with a growing number of clients. You’ll see some of our clients highlighted on our new homepage and startups page – this is just the start. We’ve also had the pleasure of working with some talented tech and design professionals. And, although we can’t profess to finding the right opportunity for 100% of those we’ve spoken to, we’ve started to build a network of connected tech and design talent.

Our knowledge hub

As well as our new site, we’re also excited to launch our new Knowledge Hub. We’ve put a lot of thought into the types of content we’ll be creating and sharing – and we’ve asked the most important people - the talent we speak to everyday - exactly what would be most valuable to them. We’ll not only be posting our views, career guidance and tips, but also partner-generated content, including Q&As and thought-leadership pieces with startup leaders and professionals. In future months, we hope our blog will evolve into the go-to channel for anyone interested in the working for startups, or those that already do!

If you don’t already, please give our social media channels a follow to keep up with the most up-to-date content and news from the startup world, on our Medium, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We really hope you enjoy exploring our new website and blog.


If you’d like to know more about how we’re doing things differently, how we could help accelerate your career or you need help to scale your teams, get in touch!